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NO2-4FDW-A - Neutrik opticalCON DUO Chassis Connector

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NO2-4FDW-A - Neutrik opticalCON DUO Chassis Connector

Chassis connector with black chromium plating, 4 solder contacts and 1 LC-Duplex feedthrough socket, waterproof acc. to IP65, front panel mount

The chassis connector acts as a "feed-through" allowing simplified installations by connecting a conventional LC-Duplex on the rear. It is built in the standard D size shell and features an automatic sealing cover for maximum dust and dirt protection and a Push-Pull locking mechanism for safe connection. Coloured sealings are included to identify the fibre mode

NO2-4FDW-A - Neutrik opticalCON DUO Chassis Connector Drawing

  • Suggested OEM equipment connector due to LC front compatibility
  • Designed as feedthrough with automatic sealing shutter
  • Shutter with silicone gasket protects optical connection from dust and dirt
  • Accommodates standard LC connectors on the rear for simple installation
  • Connection on the front side either by rugged opticalCON or standard LC connector
  • The low cost of the chassis connector makes it a viable alternative to traditional connectors in fixed installations
  • Water resistant according to IP65 ingress protection in mated condition
  • In case of limited space the chassis can be mounted without rubber gasket. IP rating for this is IP 52.
  • Colour coded rubber sealing to identify fibre mode:
    Multimode - black
    Single Mode PC - blue
    Single Mode APC - green

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