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Copper Networking Cables

Paragon Networks supply a broad range of Copper Networking Cables:

Patch Cables/Leads - We provide off-the-shelf stock cables in the most popular lengths and colours.  They include Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6a and are either Shielded (FTP/STP) or unshielded.

Custom Made - We can manufacture any length of patch cable required.  Each patch cable is fully tested to the relevant standard and individual test certificates can be provided.

Our patch leads are fully compliant to the relevant standards.  All Cat5e patch Cables are 24AWG, and we do not promote any cable that uses Copper Clad Aluminium.

Bulk Cable - We promote External Grade Solid Core Cable on the website.  This includes Category5e and Category6 FTP & UTP.  Our Armoured cable is provided on a cut to order basis.

Please call for any other bulk cable requirements, e.g. Stranded Cable, Cat7a Cabling.


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