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Vertical Markets

Paragon Networks service the needs of many businesses spanning numerous Vertical and Horizontal Markets. We offer the same levels of customer service to every type of business we work with.

The four main vertical market sectors we operate in are Broadcast, Defence, Engineering and Oil & Gas. These sectors need products suited to their specific needs, for example our Deployable Fibre optic and copper assemblies (on a reel). Please click through to find out more about the range of solutions and products we supply to each of these sectors.

We also supply solutions and products to many businesses within the Horizontal Markets sector. These are generally more ‘static’ environments, such as office buildings, laboratories, warehouses, manufacturing and distribution plants etc. These all have a common need for Network switches for connectivity to servers in data centres/ server rooms. Cabling to PC’s/ IP phones within buildings and for campus environments, pre terminated or on site terminated fibre for between buildings.

Broadcast and Events   Defence Communication

Oil and Gas   Engineering

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