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Oil & Gas

Cable Solutions for Oil and Gas Companies

Fibre optic and high specification copper cables (CAT6A & CAT7) are being used more frequently for a number of applications, as such we provide a number of different cabling solutions for oil and gas companies. These markets have very specific cabling and connectivity requirements to ensure the utmost in safety, productivity, and harsh environment durability.

Paragon provide a variety of cables to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry including CAT7 double shielded patch leads which operate at 1200MHz (better than CAT7 standard) and have a Flame Retardant Non Corrosive (FRNC/LSZH) outer sheath.

Fibre optics offer a large amount of bandwidth in a compact package, saving space, weight, and install time. Our fibre optic assemblies are used for a number of applications such as sensor communication/control link. With sensor applications, fibre optics can provide a wide range of data about environmental conditions, oil reserve levels, and equipment performance or status.

Other on shore applications include the use of our deployable fibre assemblies to enable accurate data gathering by Geophysical Survey equipment.

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