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ParaTuff® mini Deployable MIL-TAC, Tactical Cable Assemblies


Made to Order assemblies to customer specific requirements, please contact us for more information and pricing; Contact Us, email or call 0208 906 6816

ParaTuff mini cable is a Duplex (2 core) cable which is also flexible, lightweight and offers exceptional crush resistance and protection for the optical fibres. This cable is very compact with an overall diameter of only 3.4 mm and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  ParaTuff mini can be used with ‘standard’ connectors or with our ParaTuff IP68 LC Duplex connectors

  • Available in Multimode OM3 50/125 or Single Mode OS1 9/125 
  • PUR outer sheath, suitable for external or internal applications 
  • Extremely compact and flexible cable  with excellent kink and crush resilience 
  • 3.4 mm thick, almost the same as a standard fibre optic patch cable 
  • Custom lengths available

All cable assemblies are custom made and are typically on a 2-3 day lead time

Please note that we can manufacture various connector options, such as ST, SC, LC and LC Uniboot. We can also embed these connectors into the centre of deployable reels. We also offer ‘feed through’ chassis connectors for the above connector types which are housed in an XLR sized plate. Please call 0208 906 6816 and we will be pleased to discuss your specific requirement.

ParaTuff® mini Deployable MIL-TAC - Data Sheet


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