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  • 21st October 2015
  • Thomas Buckingham

Paragon Networks is 3 Years Old!

Another year has zoomed past and we would like to thank our customers and suppliers for their continued support

 We have had a busy year, implementing many changes to the web site and increasing our market share through rebranding

  • Implemented Paratuff®​ branding for Deployable Fibre Reels
  • Expanded our Paratuff®​ Deployable Fibre Range
  • Introduced Paratuff®​ mini Tactical cable
  • Introduced Paratuff®​ Transit Case for Deployable Reels
  • Increased sales of Custom Made Assemblies
  • Expanded overseas sales
  • Continued to provide Exemplary Customer Service

What's coming up around the corner?!

  • Fibre Optic Cables for Cameras
  • Deployable Fibre (4in1) QUAD and QUAD Extreme AVAILABLE & SHIPPING NOW
  • Deployable MPO/MTP Fibre for high density (12 Core) portable applications
  • New Power section on web site to include Power Cables
  • Custom Made Coax Cables

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 If you have a cabling requirement or need any IT hardware that we do not promote on our web site please Contact Use-mail us by clicking here or call 0208 906 6816.


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